I have a body of evolved work produced over the last seven years - movement fired into the stillness of ceramic form - leading directly to the latest group which is an installation of 9 growing dancing human sized pieces. I visualise these pieces becoming inspirational, the stillness of the pieces being re-animated into dance and music by students and local children. I see the dancers moving between the pieces; the pieces reverberating with the sounds of the music, or the music emerging from the pieces and reverberating back again.

The earlier work is inspired by the energy of natural forces - sea, wave and wind - which have shaped the earth from rock pool to mountain. The metaphor of the energy is seen both in the form of the piece and in the gestural brush strokes.

I always work with asymmetry, the manifestation in nature that makes for unpredictability, so that in the round each piece is always different from whatever position you view it.

The work inspired by the natural forces seemed to lead, almost unconsciously, to the later work where the inspiration is the energy of the living world.

Spiral growth - a basic blueprint in nature - feels to me to be itself an affirmation of life - an endless dance of celebration.



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